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Resurrected my original childhood 400!


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Just finished giving my very first Atari some upgrades. Installed a UAV and 400 sound board. I had been waiting for a 400 version of Incognito, but figured that is probably not happening, so went ahead and followed(tried to) ClausB's instructions for making it 48k. After some alphabetic fumbling, I managed to get it working! :) So neat to connect my Nuxx and play most of the games from there. Also the video is better then my UAV 800xl. I think I'm actually partial to the composite output over the Svid. Svid shows the pixels where the composite seems to blend and get rid of the grid look. I actually had to burn basic to my atarimax cart just so I could check free memory. Lol Can't believe I no longer have a basic cart. I'd never opened a 400 before and I'm surprised at just how compact the actual computer part is. They could have made it much smaller even. Anyway, kinda excited and had to share. Next up a 1088XEL!

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