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V9T9 emulator help


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Key 2:


- Use the key you usually use to place a 2 into a spreadsheet.


- If you are using a numeric keypad be aware that some emulators start up apparently out of sync with your num lock key- if your num lock key is lit as active, you may need to toggle it twice to ensure the emulator reacts to it- press num lock and try 2, then press num lock again and try two again. One way should function, otherwise use the 2 on the top row of your keyboard.


Worth noting- the TI99/4a was not sold with support for mice. Most input was keyboard based. Many inputs required capital letters only.


However a few games were joystick only, some used either joystick, some used only joystick 1 and some only joystick 2. You will need to see if your emulator can "force" the use of keys instead of a joystick.


Games which used either joystick or keyboard generally used keys ESDX for movement and Q or space for fire- but programmers often used other keys instead so look for documentation.








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