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TI 83/84


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I was just curious if any of you 99ers had any experience programming on TI's calculators in addition to the 99. It could be because of my age, but my friends and I held these things dear and made all sorts of fun things on the calculator version of BASIC in high school.


I'm curious to hear what y'all have to say!

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the TI-99 was coming into our house in 1983, when I was 3 years old.

when i was 16 years old, our school class started a project to utilize the TI-92 for math education.

The clear structure of the manual reminded me a lot on the TI-99 user manuals. Also the Texas Instruments logo gives me some warm feelings, and I fall in love with this calculator.

I read all 500 pages through in a week. Since I was still used to define sprites with hexadecimal code I made a routine to auto draw a sprite by inputting a hexadecimal string and it stored it in an image file afterwards. I was full of ideas for programming games. I bought the data link cable, later the 92+ Module and the TI-89. I was really passionate about that device.

I made some nice small games, some tools for making maths homework easier, and later started to learn assembler for the 68k motorola cpu.

Before TI released any official documentation on the internal OS or hardware we were dependent on hacking of members in the community and finding out things about the OS via trial and error. Officially there was no assembler support for the TI-92, it required some patched backup image to be able to run assembler code. We all aimed for the long promised SDK by TI for the 92+. There was a nice yahoogroup and of course ticalc.org

I started using "TImeless Software" as name for my projects and I got quite far with programming "TI Mario World" in assembler.


Here is some archived webpage about it:



It was a nice time.

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