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A cool alternative to the Frameister, Sony DSC-1024HD


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I found this in a slick road case at the thrift shop for $12. I mainly wanted the case, but I plugged an Amiga 2000 into it and "flicker-be-gone". This worked a little better than a Scart-HDMI convertor because it doesn't have the interlace corruption around the mouse pointer. I gather there will be a bunch of such interim technology, from the era when TV stations were converting over to HD, flooding the used market soon.


IMG 20171213 080531

IMG 20171213 080537

IMG 20171213 080518


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Looks like you got a deal, because these things are averaging $100 on eBay.
I myself am contemplating a budget board for my A500 that runs around $20 - $30 on eBay. You can find it by
searching for GBS8200.
There are some complaints on the net about picture quality but I figure it is better than what I have now
which is the black and white RCA output.
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GBS is a viable option, although I was never satisfied with the extent of distortion, and a $12 Amiga SCART cable + an Amazon etc. SCART to HDMI convertor offers a much sharper and brighter picture, except for the minor distortion around moving objects. Incidentally that white cable in the picture is a CGA cable plugged into a C128 digital VGA convertor board, which seems to work well with old Tandy computers as well.


There are also a slew of RGB and other crazy connectors on the back of the Sony thing that I'll have to play with someday.

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