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Not since the Nintendo 64...


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...have I been motivated enough to purchase a Nintendo system. It has been Sega, Sony/Microsoft mix, but Switch has broken that cycle. In fact, the Switch is my 'this generation' system. I own both a 360 and PS3 as my prior recent systems with no desire to buy either a XBOne or PS4.

I was almost sold on the system with Zelda alone, but Odyssey is truly what finally won me over. Upcoming lineup looks fantastic too. I'd go as far as stating I haven't been this motivated for a system since I first saw Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast and then RE Code Veronica; or further back, the SNES and its lineup of Zelda, Punch-Out and Metroid titles available.

Part of the draw for me and others is no doubt the hybrid console/handheld, but also the right direction of quality excellent adult and child enjoyable games, that perhaps is not necessarily absent from the older systems, but lacked marketing; which, in some ways, provided a feeling of the platform lacking support.

Having a son, and wanting to bridge him over with a modern system, makes this a no-brainer as well for another very important factor... He's all about iPhone, iPad, laptops - all portable devices, that he also frequently broadcasts via Bluetooth to the big screen. The Switch is a perfect fit.

Congrats on their 10 million+ consoles sold. My son's Christmas gift is one of them.

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