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Testing a Sears heavy sixer


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​Would a VCR/DVD player work?And showing my tech ignorance,do you mean plug the Sears machine into the VCR,then plug the VCR into the TV?


Exactly. I just found the atariage how-to for this: https://atariage.com/howto/connect.html


Basically, you can use anything, a VCR, DVD player, TV antenna, as long is can his a coaxial input and a composite output.


Actually, now that I read the how-to, as long as your TV has a coaxial input (used for the antenna), you can just plug it into that, without using a VCR.

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does your TV have a coax cable connection on the back ?


if so as JeremiahK said use that. in the source menu you may have "air" or "digital cable" options


does your heavy sixer have a channel select switch ? it it probably on channel 3 already but may be set to channel 2 sometime you have to have the TV set to search for these channels


if no coax connection on TV go the VCR route


keep us posted ;)

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Some "Smart" TVs don't like the signal and running it through a VCR won't help if that's the case. I would recommend using a different TV. Of course an old CRT is best. Also, using the adapter shown in chas10e's reply is going to give you much better results than the old switch box that came with the console. You may also get a better picture on channel 2, so be sure to try it. As mentioned, most newer TVs will need to search for or have channels programed in. To do this, the TV needs to be able to pick up analog signals. The instructions for your TV should explain how to set analog channels. even though the end of the RF cable looks like an RCA/AV connector, it's not. You can't connect it straight to the TV. You either need that adapter or the switch box to connect it to the Coaxial input of the TV. That's where the antenna or cable connects to the TV. If you have an electric heater or a fan nearby, it may cause interference in the picture, so if the picture has a lot of noise or static, turn off anything within 10 or so feet of the TV and console. If there's still noise in the picture, you can put a clamp-on ferrite core around the RF cable a few inches from the console. If the console isn't working, post in the Hardware section. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll do what I can to help you out. :)

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