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Looking for 256-color image slideshow disk


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Ive seen the set of images shown here, along with a few others, linked together in various forum posts on the web, searching this morning on the APAC software approach to high-color on the A8 using various clever tricks.





Does anyone know where this or a similar slideshow can be downloaded as a disk image? Thanks.





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Well, the shown pictures at atarionline are from Technicolour Dream demo/picture disks. You should know that there are various formats for Gr. 9 + 11 (256-colour) pictures, e.g.


- 80x96 pixels, non-interlaced (uncompressed 62 sectors), Paint 256 (dutch version by SAG)

- 80x96 pixels, non-interlaced (uncompressed, 62 sectors), Apac-2 (same as dutch Paint 256)

- 80x96 pixels, non-interlaced ? (uncompr., 62 sectors), Apac

- 80x119 (or a little less 80x112 ?, uncompressed and compressed, non-interlaced Technicolour Dream)

- 80x192 pixels, interlazed Pryzm (uncompressed 123 or 124 sectors)

- 80x192, interlaced Digi-Paint (uncompressed 123 sectors)

- 80x192, interlaced, Paint 256 (german version, Happy Computer magazine, uncompressed 123 sectors)

- 80x238 pixels, interlaced, Bug-Biter-Pictures (BGP, later BGA for Apac and BGC for CIN; compressed and uncompressed)

- 80x??? pixels, interlaced, Apac-3 (APC or AP3, compressed and uncompressed)

and various other formats.


1) For the Bugbiter pictures look here at Atari Age: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216997-apac-256-color-mode-80x240-interlaced-has-this-been-done/?hl=%2080x239

2) Digi-Paint: a) http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=2.%20Grafika&tg=Digi%20Paint#Digi%20Paint

b) demo-pics: http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3500

3) dutch Paint 256: a) http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=2.%20Grafika&tg=Paint%20256#Paint%20256

b) demo-pics: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=2.%20Grafika&tg=Grafika%20256#Grafika%20256

4) Pryzm: http://www.atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=utils&sub=2.%20Grafika&tg=Grafika%20PZM#Grafika%20PZM

5) Technicolour Dream demo: a) http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3722

b) more pics: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/265124-unsupported-sector-size/?do=findComment&comment=3754203


6) some more downloads: a) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216997-apac-256-color-mode-80x240-interlaced-has-this-been-done/?do=findComment&comment=2835599

b) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216997-apac-256-color-mode-80x240-interlaced-has-this-been-done/page-3?do=findComment&comment=2837198

c) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216997-apac-256-color-mode-80x240-interlaced-has-this-been-done/page-3?do=findComment&comment=2837241

d) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216997-apac-256-color-mode-80x240-interlaced-has-this-been-done/page-3?do=findComment&comment=2837467



If you still want more, let me know and I send an avalanche of 256-colour picture disks... ;-)

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