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What came with the early Atari 7800 Pro System release (84/85)?


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Did a search for this topic around the internet and couldn't find anything.


I recently bought a 'purple text' boxed (with matching serial) early Atari 7800, apparently an 85 release. Problem is that it has no 7800 papers, no controllers. The only thing it does have is the Pole Position II cart (yay) and an early 2600 catalog.


Can anyone else who has a CIB early 7800 tell me which versions of the various papers came with it? I am a bit of a completionist when it comes to this sort of thing and I want to get it right.

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I guess I was more asking about the manual and catalog it came with. I've seen several versions of the purple/grid manual, and I wondered if the early version made mention of the expansion port. I've seen a 'revision A' manual from 1985 that does not, and a 'revision b' (from 1987) that also does not.

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