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My brothers Xmas gift


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So my brother told me my gift would be late... But it arrived today!


We actually got our TI as a birthday gift to him in 1984. Our birthdays are only a week apart so in practice it was more a gift for both of us.


We picked it up at Jafco (a Sears style store in the Pacific Northwest that has been gone awhile) for $150, I believe my dad got a $100 rebate on it afterwards. We also were allowed to pick out some games, we eventually bought enough to mail in the UPC's for a free speech synthesizer. My brother chose Tunnels of Doom, even though it was more than the other titles. ($59.99 I believe. In contrast, Munchman was $29.99.)


I remember we played Pennies and Prizes several times because we weren't sure about the real game... My dad eventually started Quest of the King with the default party while we watched, and he got hammered pretty bad. (I believe the Metalloids who typically guard the Rainbow Orb finally defeated him.)


Good memories! What a bro!

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