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Season 16 - CV HSC Rules

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(Last Update 1/1/2018 by Northcoastgamer)




- On certain Mondays (starting January 1st), a game/games will be announced and a topic will be started for the round. Rounds will run for 2 weeks and will end on Mondays at NOON EST. Exceptions will be noted in the topic for that round.

- To join the club just post a score!


- Emulators are permitted. Please do not use the "save/load" feature of these emulators to later come back and finish a game in progress. High scores should be from a single game playing session.

- Games played using the Atgames Colecovision Flashback will not be accepted. Only original Hardware and Emulation please. Using Atari Max Multi-Cart is acceptable.


- Pausing a game is acceptable for short periods to allow for bio breaks!

- Screenshots of your score are not necessary but are encouraged for higher scores. For bonus points, HSC records, contests and exceptional hi-scores for each round, they are required.

- Post your scores in the thread of the actual game. Please create a new post for each score - do not update existing posts with new scores.

- Please do not cheat or abuse bugs/glitches in the games to your advantage!

- Use the same skill level as posted so that all scores will be accurate.

- Everyone who rolls a score will be tied for first place. Unless noted in the thread you do not have to continue playing after you roll a score unless you choose to do so. Exceptions will be noted in the topic for that round.

- Scoring system:


The scoring system encourages all players to try and achieve their personal best because it is proportionally based. The player with the highest score in a game will be in first place and will win 100 points. All other points are allocated based on each player's score relative to the top score. Points are rounded to the nearest integer.


1st place = 100,000 = 100 points
2nd place = 73,860 = 74 points
3rd place = 68,652 = 69 points
4th place = 35,981 = 36 points
5th place = 22,343 = 22 points
6th place = 11,936 = 12 points
7th place = 1,328 = 1 points


If a tie should occur for first place then both/all of the first place tied players will each receive 100 points. All other players will receive points relative to the top score as usual. If players tie for other positions then this does not affect the scoring, all players will be allocated points relative to the top score, in this instance the tied players would receive the same number of points without affecting the score of other players in lower positions. So, the only way that a player's points can be reduced is if the top score is increased.

This system encourages both high scorers and lower scorers alike. Those exceptional players can keep increasing the top score thus pushing the points of the other players down and player's lower in the ranking can always get more points by simply beating their last high score.

The Colecovision HSC is just for fun and bragging rights. Please DO NOT CHEAT and DO NOT ABUSE BUGS/GLITCHS in the games to your advantage. If you are suspected of

cheating in any way your score will be removed from the HSC.

If you have any questions or comments please send a PM to Northcoastgamer and I will respond ASAP.


Edited by Northcoastgamer
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