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Computer drawing this or that programs...


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Here are the BASIC programs I got around to writing - but I don't know how to copy/transfer them onto a DOS disk - so as to have them all together in the one place?

I know that with the old Xformer emulator you could do this - but that only runs on the old clunky 386s...




The only one I didn't create - is the Atari 400 pic - which was printed in one of learning to program in Atari BASIC books.

If you look at the listings I created - it is simply using the Plot and Drawto commands - and lastly the XIO fill - which takes a while to get use to.

The way I created the pics - was to use an art program which does show you the X, Y coordinates of the cursor - and record all the points necessary in creating the picture - once you get the hang of it, it is more or less straightforward to carry on until it's completion.

So you could choose any pic you like a lot and think is a good candidate to have working?


There's always stuff you can do - if you're not into drawing pictures from scratch - like adding extra colours into a pic, making it a lot better than the original? Or go about modifying a pic? Like I took the Atari 400 pic - transferred it into Graphics 7.5 and then added the 410 tape deck and carts into the pic - I've forgotten how I did it? (In not having to draw the Atari 400 -- did I simply just change the graphics mode of the program? or what?)


With this 800XL pic - I didn't draw it - hence the credit to MW (Martin Walker?) but added the Atari Touch Tablet to it. Didn't think I could draw a better 800XL - but managed to draw the 800, and 130XE alright.

This disk has all the Atari hardware pics I have drawn ... that is with an art program.

Maybe someone else might want to take on the task of converting some of these pics into self drawing programs? Maybe not...




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I should be able to put them all on disk for you what dos would you like? 2.0 2.5 MyDos OS A+ Sparta3.2 XL XE DOS name your poison


Thanks for the offer. Though I think I should be able to find a disk with them on it - but can't find it right away.. if I can't find it, then on a SpartaDOS disk will do fine. Give me a few days...


In the meantime - here's a video which shows those programs running... with the rest of this video - most of the Technicolour Dream pics are samples included with that art program - I've included about 3 I worked on.



Off the top of my head - other programs that draw stuff - I can recall are...


That 3D Hat program drawn in Graphics 8 - it uses a formulae to plot it in 3D? Looks pretty amazing. Maybe someone has done other such objects? Probably on some other computer platform - that could be converted across to the Ataris?


There were excellent type in listings in the Computer Animation Primer book - like that landscape in Graphics 10 - with animated waterfall. Various small listings then that very impressive final program - that showed off a low res landscape - a side walk - with a boy walking/skipping? with cars, lorry - clouds in background - sideways scrolling...


A water tap (faucet) drawn in Graphics 9 - that drips. From an English magazine?



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This disk has the above DRAW programs in BASIC - so just type in RUN "D:DRAW800.BAS" etc

Also I've included matching pictures of - the original - then one with added colours to it. Such as these ones:

These are drawn by Roy Lynch....




These pics are TANK, STARFI and FERRY - all drawn by Roy Lynch.

Viewing programs on disk are: GETFWA.BAS (long wait for next pic) and SLIDES or FADER2 for viewing the 4 colour pics.


I thought I might as well include this disk - containing more of Roy's pictures


Maybe you can see some which could look better with more colours present?

A suitable program to do so with - is the Fun With Art program - this is what I used long ago .. Haven't gone back to it - so I can't remember how it worked with adding the extra colours - but can remember it has a front/title menu to choose some options from - and I think it will accept keyboard commands maybe later...?


One picture missing from above is the Biker pic - can't find that FWA one in my collection ...

The disk images are in SpartaDOS DD format.


If you're not into drawing pictures - you could have a go at adding extra colours to existing pictures - there is a Mickey Mouse pic from somewhere - I did a few extra colours to - it's on another disk somewhere...

Or have a go at getting the computer to redraw an existing picture - it is rather tedious to convert one picture over. It takes quite a bit of time - some effort - and some luck too to bring it all to completion.




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you enhanced the Roy Lynch pictures with colours (DLI's), while I did the opposite. Between 1999 and 2001 I published the german XLE-Mag. on diskette and its menu can display Gr.8, Gr.9, Gr. 15 and Gr. 9+11 pictures but not FWA pictures. Since I only had these Roy Lynch pictures in FWA format I converted them with a converter (most likely from Antic magazine) into 4-colour Micropainter Gr. 15 format, so the menu could show them. Believe it or not, the four colours I ended up with are not the ones Roy originally used (still have these Gr. 15 pictures re-converted by me)...


And errrm, the motorbike pic, the Micky Mouse pic and many others are all on the FWA disks I uploaded in the Rasta topic... (but on 90k or 130k DOS 2.5 images).

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Thanks for reminding where that Biker pic was - Here it is for those who want to see the differences made with it...

Also I forgot to mention - is that I have put Keith Berry's TRAM and PENS.FWA pics here - for those who want to add it to their collection. These 2 pics were the only ones he sent to me - as he thought they were the only ones he was particularly proud of. He wouldn't be with us anymore - as back then, he was an old guy with health problems.


In this 7-zip file are AtariArtist format pictures of: blazer, cally1, cally2, cally3, Garfield, house1, house2, light, polepos, zap, zora1 and zora2 - which may not be found elsewhere in any collection?

Cally is a character/actor from the British Sci-Fi series "Blake's 7" - which had a strong following - in spite of it's budget sets and poorly staged action sequences (could have done with a proper stunt coordinator) - shown during it's drawing development - likewise house and zora. I should have done a series of saves of one picture during it's full development - but never thought of keeping that many saves of the one picture back then...

Blazer, light(house) and polepos have had extra colours added to them - so these are the originals.

I should mention that with Zora - this was originally from a photo I taken back in 1972? - I was into still photography at that time (my last year at High School) and I took a lot of photos of this woman Zora - who kindly posed for me for some portraiture photos. She was a part time model. I traced over the photo for a sketch, and traced this sketch with the Atari Touch Tablet - the tablet was excellent for doing this. One proper sketch I can remember doing - was the house one here - where I was staying at that time - a student flat in the notorious Castle Street. These days the student quarter is known for it's riotous student parties - when I was there - in the early 80s' it was much quieter...



These are individual .pic files. If you have any problems unzipping, then download the 7-zip program (PC). If you can put these onto a disk - then I will post pics of their original and added colours versions thereof.


Another bit of information about Roy Lynch - is that with the Technicolour Dream sample pics - I think there were 2 he drew? That would be Pole Position one (has his RL initials) and I think he drew the Road Runner one as well? Not 100% sure of this - but is the type of pic he would be able to draw? Those who have copies of the sample disk - probably can confirm this? That these two pics are missing from it... Likewise mine were never part of the official sample disk. I can't recall seeing any other artists work done with TD... back then.



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