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A little isometric test


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I could put together this little "engine" for a future game. It shows a 3×3 grid of tiles but you can move up down or left and right to show other parts of the map which is a 16×16 matrix of "tile heights" at the end of the source code. I hope you like it. Thank you!


EDIT: New version uploaded.


EDIT 2: New source code "released". Game more polished (a little map on the top of the screen) File: meamo3.txt


EDIT 3: New source code: meamx.txt Now there are characters that move around, sometimes chasing you, sometimes going to different locations of the map. Just like Abadia del Crimen, or The Great Escape for ZX Spectrum.


EDIT4 : Last version Skool.zipSkool.zip











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I decided to continue developing this. I planned the game to be in an abbey like Abadia del Crimen, but I finally choose a catholic school as the scenery for this game. It is not a joke about religion because it is my religion, and that is my school, but it is not based on my life. In the zip file you have a manual, be sure to read it before you play.



Edit July 9th '21: I still have the urge to make a port of Abadia del Crimen. This is the last incarnation:


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