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Some Colecovision games weren't made to be played with Joysticks!


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Cool! Is there a parts list available so I can try to build one? I'd love to play Kaboom this way.

I know another member here that made one but I never bothered to ask what all was needed. This would hold some of us tinkeres over until CollectorVision debuts theirs.

Not sure what I'm going to do, still tweaking it. Going to see if I can get it to work with the Intellivision also. Trying to reduce the size of the circuit. Right now besides a couple of switches and a 9 pin connector parts are about $6.00. Probably cheaper if I bought off of ebay.

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This would hold some of us tinkeres over until CollectorVision debuts theirs.


This is not the same thing as the CollectorVision spinner. Think of it as the "Paddle" and the "Driving" controller for the 2600. The CollectorVision spinner is for games that *actually use* a spinner or an analogue controller like Turbo and Arkanoid. What he made in the video is just emulating your joystick but with better control, exactly like what the Roller Controller does in joystick mode (correct me if I'm wrong.)


Personally, I think BOTH products are super cool and I'd love to see either the CollectorVision version incorporate a "joystick mode" like the roller controller does, or for someone (maybe even CollectorVision since they are already developing the spinner) to create a separate "paddle" controller that can do what this one does as well.

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