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Early 90s Argos Catalogue


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...this page, kept by me all that time.


Of course we had no internet and this was the level of excitement for dreaming of such systems as a 13/14 year old with no money.


I eventually opted for a Game Gear at 14 and only got the lynx in 2001!


"Only £109.99"! But worth every penny I'm sure.


I remember commenting to friend about the flip screen; but it didn't matter; no-one cared. It was Game Boy or Game Gear and that was that.



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Man this brings back memories (I also used to work for Argos many moons ago ;) ).


I had similar lustful moments over magazine adverts for months before I got mine. Just poring over the list of games and imagining them would ramp up my excitement. I guess it's a lost art now, with the internet, but do hope that somehow kids these days get to use their imagination this way and experience the joy of waiting for something they really want.

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