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Atari 5200 controller


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Also note that there is a plastic ring that actually hold the rubber boot in place. You can remove this easily with a small flat screwdriver. Look at the inside of the top cover, directly above, below and to the left and right on the hole where the stick goes are 4 small rectangular holes. Pushing the screw driver into each of these will unsnap the ring.



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Ok, So to that we'll need a long nosed plier and a large flat dcrewdriver.

Grab the metal piece beteen the black rubber and the plastic handle. Then, instert the screwdriver between the plier and the plastic handle. Next, rotate the scredriver in an effort to remove the plastic handle...

In my case the whole stick came out, the plastic handle was still attached to the metal piece. Now, replace the black rubber and put everything back to its original place.


Hope you can figure out what was I trying to say...

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