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HSC Season 15 Round 2 - Poll


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OK let's see what we have for the round 2 poll :ponder:

Will your favourite game be thrown under the bus or be the bus? :D

The first round closes 31st Jan - if you missed it just post a late score ;)


We'll start of with the two runner up games from Poll #1...


Rainbow Walker


Faily easy in the scheme of things, fun Q*Bert style hopping on the scrolling rainbow changing the squares' colours, complete each vertical row to lock it in.

Download XEX, Atarimania Info




A real 10/10 superbly addictive and intense Centepede and then some. Fandal has a version with the PAL glitches fixed. Play 1984 version with title screen animations.

Download XEX (PAL fixed), Atarimania Info


Canyon Climber


Long time not played in the HSC. A decent platformer but a limited number of screens and the randomish deaths can be a pain! Might need a bonus game to keep this one company.

Download XEX, Atarimania Info


Qix (A8 version)


Another 10/10, perhaps the perfect game. Many of the A8 versions seem to have a few glitches probably down to the lingering copy protection but I think there is a working ATR out there. If not we can get this fixed I'm sure!

Download XEX, Atarimania Info


Preppie II


Plod around the vertically scrolling maze colouring in all the background. Nice game, great music, easy to start with but growing intensity. I can't remember if that door glitch feature has been fixed :ponder:

Download XEX, Atarimania Info

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I have many happy memories of playing Millipede in the early 1990's after breakfast, but before work, using a VCS trak-ball in joystick mode. That's the way to play this game! My son was an infant and getting some time to myself after having stayed up for what felt like half the night with crying kiddo. I had my Atari 800XL setup on my kitchen table and playing Millipede in the morning was just a great way to start the day!


Alas, I might have voted for Qix (it's one of my favorite games) but the Atari 5200 "port" to the 8-bit computer by Glenn "The 5200 Man" is so much better than Atari's own clunky and slow cartridge. Surely that is the one that the HSC should play?


All of these games are pretty good; I'd play any of 'em (and be terrible at each of them)!



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By the way, will this be a particularly short round running for only 11 days between February 1 - 11 before we move onto Olympic events? It probably doesn't matter that much if it is a 11 or 14 day round, since all five are old time favorites.

Round 2 will be 2 weeks then we'll have a longer round 3 putting us back on the Sunday to Sunday schedule :)

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Looks like Qix was played in HSC 6, 8,10 and 13. If you "mentally" remove the 2 requests to change their vote, that would tie it with Rainbow Walker and Millipede...but I can certainly see why you wouldn't want to set that precedent.


TBH, while it's a good game, Qix is not my cup o' tea. But I'll play a game or two. Otherwise, I'll wait to see what the next round has in store.

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