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Odyssey 2 / Odyssey 2 game tester


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Where to begin...



While at work today (perhaps yesterday), a story on the news in our break room (work at a factory) came up about 'recent' video game systems (PS1 / XBOX etc - LOL)... Long story short - a co-worker mentioned that his Uncle was a 'game tester' for the Odyssey and Odyssey 2.


Uhmm OK - he has no reason to lie to me.


Cool "what do you have?" I asked him.


He says that all of the stuff is in boxes at his mom's place and that he hasn't looked/played it for years. He played a bunch of games a a kid... and there was 'stuff that was never released'?


Now his mom might live locally or on Venus - not sure...



Is there anything that the community would ask him to look for? And mind you this could be months before a response is given...




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Im sure somebody with more knowledge of missing games will chime in but the two that could possibly exist in North America are Pink Panther and Sherlock Holmes. If you could get a pic of what they have we might be able to tell if anything undiscovered is present.


Keep us updated if you can.

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Talked with the guy yesterday. His mom lives in Virginia (I'm/we are in Michigan). He said that the next time he talked to his mom he'd have her 'dig the stuff up' and get a game list. Again this might take a month or two and it is 'most likely common stuff' - who knows!


He mentioned that his uncle was in his 20's at the time and was play testing games.



He's to hoping that something new turns up!




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