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From what I recall, Tetrisphere was originally supposed to be a Jaguar exclusive before development was ported over to the N64 after the Jaguar was euthanized. Does anyone here have any prototype pictures, ROMs, information etc about this game from it's Jaguar development days?

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Weird, here's what comes up for me. 1st entry even:




Direct link:




...by "here", I meant you have to search in the entire Jaguar forum, using the search toolbar in the upper right. It'll say "this forum" or "this topic", depending on where you are.

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I thought the alleged claim was that 1 of the development team had a copy of the code, but did dare release it for fear of legal action from Nintendo?.


There is so much crap being passed off as fact, about developers confirming they have code,when in fact all they said was it might still exist,somewhere...


Speculation that code lies in hands of, but they won't release it because...


And people claiming poor old Clint Thompson had code for..and was going to release it as part of an Xmas Face Book giveaway..


Let alone a SNES screenshot from Mobygames, being passed off as aJaguar screenshot..


By certain people online these days, it's hard to tell the truth from fiction any more.

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There is so much crap being passed off as fact, .... By certain people online these days, it's hard to tell the truth from fiction any more.


Check the names of the posters / source of what you read.


You'll know who to ignore and file as bullshit.

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It's a sign of the times though, when Clint Thompson has to physically join a bloody forum just to clear his name and put the record straight, because despite being told repeatedly he did not have code for Conan or Phear or anything else, ready to give away..the same nudge nudge, friend of mine has...bullshit popped up online on numerous sites by same person.


The Kick Off 3 Jaguar screenshot being paraded around is from Mobygames screenshot collection of the SNES version.


Rebellion said code for Legions Of The Undead might still exist, they would ask I.T department, not..yes,it's safely sat here with us.


And do not get me started on bloody Freelancer 2120..an artist who worked on it who cannot remember if his work was used, swears blind game never used stop motion animation/model work, even though the guy responsible has photos of it on his website and can't tell a PC screen from a PS1 screenshot..is not a reliable source, nor is claiming game used an advanced versions of the I-War engine, when you can't back the claim up.


But up it all goes, people buy into it and when the claimant is confronted, it's either dismissed as ohh a simple misunderstanding or we are headcases for properly looking into lost games.


A lot of us don't waste any more time looking into Lost Atari games anymore, as it just results in certain people running after those industry people kind enough to give time and information, just to ask same questions so they can claim the information was found by them or what we reported was false..


Or if coder,artist reports source code was lost, speculate code must exist as Johny Random saw it from the toilet window at E3...


The amount of work people are having to put in to delete utter b.s posts claiming John Doe knows someone who has or played or coded, but they won't name, as they want to protect their privacy..on sites trying to do nothing more than document and preserve credible accounts of Unreleased games, is unreal at the moment.

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Back on topic :-D


The most recent video footage highlighted just how difficult it can be to 'sell' the appeal of a game like Phear at a trade show like E3..


Guy playing the game clearly unsure just what he was supposed to be doing.


I dabbled with Weetrix and Weetrix plus..further takes as it were on the concept of 3D Tetris and had to play through several tutorial levels to have the fundamentals explained..


I find these sort if puzzle games lack the intensity of games like SPF2T,Lummines, Trash Panic,Chu Chu Rocket etc..


But i would also point out to those who have tantrums when internal Atari documentation zip files etc are given freely to others to share with the community, many of us were doing research into b.s press and personal claims long before you arrived and sites like GTW, UNSEEN64, will be continuing to do professional research long after likes of many of us thought sod this, it's a ruddy nut house out there.


And as the saying goes. You never know what will turn up, where or when...


Not all the documents were shared with everyone..for good reason..


Atarimania alone only put up a mere fraction of what they were sent..


Key point is the information went into credible hands with sensible heads, who research and preserve for the community, not some personal desire to feel special.


Could be a curious year..B-)

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I find these sort if puzzle games lack the intensity of games like SPF2T,Lummines, Trash Panic,Chu Chu Rocket etc..




I dunno...Tetrisphere gets pretty damned frantic when the clock is ticking down and your sphere is looming close. I love that game and would give my left one (and possibly right as well...already got a whole brood of kids) to be able to give Phear a proper shakedown.

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