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More deep Intellivision writings from my childhood.

Guest LiqMat

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Some of you might remember when I posted a letter that I had written to Mattel warning them of that shadow company Coleco that was about to take over the video game world. Well, I just came across a story I wrote when I was, I think 11 maybe 12 (circa 1982ish), which mentions Intellivision. Not near as interesting as the letter to Mattel and I am not sure what Kool-Aid I was drinking when I wrote it, but here it is. Gave me a few chuckles. For some reason the Mattel/Coleco letter, PRGE 2016 MP3 and 2016 expo videos I made all got deleted by me. Weird. If any of you want me to repost any of that let me know.



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Mattel would never have found out without your help!


I wrote to Mattel Germany in 1984 if they could send me an ECS because I couldn't find it in any store.

The answer was that Mattel Electronics was already closed.

That way I found out that the Intellivision was out of business (no Internet back then with every information served worldwide).

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Love the kid logic in the first story. Like you just happen to be walking around England with a .45 and a bazooka, which you took with you on a guided tour for some reason. Then you managed to kill a monster made out of fog with a missile.


I'm sure I have some stuff exactly like that, though.


This was probably the accumulation of my my young hyperactive Cocoa Puffs laced mind regurgitating random ideas from recent media I had been exposed to. I had probably recently seen the movie "The Fog" which horrified me as a child and of course I loved Scooby back in those days. Some of the monster sounds in AD&D on the Intellivision also freaked me out. I like how I stated that I was "in the back of the tour guide" which sounds painful. The "midgets" encounter was definitely plucked from my favorite movie "Time Bandits". I absolutely loved that film and wished it had been adapted into a video game.

Aren't like half of those Coleco photos fakes?


Yeah. I had cut them out from some magazine I was reading. At the time I had no idea those were just mock-ups. I especially liked the Dracula and Tunnels & Trolls isometric look.

Did you ever got any response?


I don't think it ever got sent which explains why I still have the letter. I was big into model railroads and I was probably too busy sending cash in the mail that I earned from mowing lawns to model railroad companies for different scenery items. They would write back asking me to please not put cash in the mail. LOL

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And? And???


So... what happened?! :o


Also, I have to say that you were sooooo lucky you turned around in time to notice that rat. You could have lost that leg! And I would suggest that next time, you carry your missile in the bazooka -- it saves space, it's less cumbersome to carry, and lets you kill fog monsters before they approach too close.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



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