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SmartBASIC question


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I have copied some disks with Basic on them to Datapack. The problem is that they don't find the HELLO program because it is still trying to find it on a disk. Does anyone know the location in the BASIC program to edit so it looks for the tape instead? I mean the location in the BASIC program on the tape.

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I used to know without having to look at any reference info like old newsletters, but I am sorry to say that you will have to look through the NIAD newsletters that are available at the link provided by Milli Vee in PDF format. You will want to find the list of POKES, PEEKS and CALLS for SmartBASIC v1.0.


Also, there were a number of SmartBASIC Modifier programs available on Public Domain volumes that will contain this information. The one that I used all the time was written by Nibbles & Bits and the listing with details was printed in one of their newsletters.

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