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Porting ROM's to doner carts


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Hi all,

A few months ago I whipped out the old 2600 for a few laughs with my friends. I only have about 50 or so games and would like to play some more. I have tried the emulators but nothing beats sitting in front of the TV with the sore wrist and thumb.


I am sure it has been done, and I just can't find it. But could someone tell me where to find information on burning the roms from a pc or the like onto a cart, be it one that I have to modify or one that I can build from scratch.


Thanks guys

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I use a Starpath Supercharger to load roms from my computer directly into the 2600. I use a program called makewav to turn the .bin files into .wav files, then plug the supercharger into my headphone jack, and play the sound. It's probably the next best thing to burning your own cartridges, but unfortunately, it has problems with some ROMs.

I don't know if this is even close to what your looking for, or you may have already known, but I figured I'd pass the info on anyway.

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