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Atari Age the book? How many of you got the interview?

_The Doctor__

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Didn't know it was on the horizon as a thing. Might

be ho-hum reaction due to other offerings as a pay

hugely up front first and get bitterly disappointed

as the take away as these things usually go.


But a $20 book? Now there's something to afford

while I have my trepidations that an east coaster

can properly capture the times as I lived thru

them. Do remember being told that I should buy

several of the new pong games just out as they

were selling like hot cakes, but without two nickles

to rub together and doing without lunch because of

that I had to pass. Didn't know what a pong were

for at least a decade either. Trying to pay for a

gas station in the 70s made for really tight moola,

it used to be the TV shop in town too, so the

electronics salesman had me on his route passing


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Gas stations were horrible fractions of a penny on a dollar, you have to have a service bay or two and sell a lot of oil to stay in the game. That was a rough business!


You can read it on google books a bit, the lowest price I see is 14. and change shipped on amazon. I 'm sure there's other sources as well.


Somewhere between all these books is a more complete and accurate story... they've all got something. Can't always say for sure what the something is. :)

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