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Elite Dangerous

Cobra Kai

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This game was difficult to get hold of. Amazon cancelled my order so I had to drive around and hunt down a used copy locally.


What a huge game. I've put a few hours in, finished the training missions and started a solo career. It's borderline overwhelming the sheer amount of content, including the game environment itself as a 1:1 scale Milky Way, I mean are you kidding me?


I'm having much difficulty grasping the combat and the controls for that. Outer space flying is way more difficult than say a WWII terrestrial dogfight sim. I'm hoping to get better or I'll get demoralized with the game. At least there are other career paths. The game is so big it seems like a person could theoretically play forever.

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I play Elite Dangerous and have over 500 hours into the game. After a long break, I'm getting back into the game. Myself, I love Elite Dangerous. Nuclear Pacman, if you need anyone to play with and show you the ropes, just let me know. I can show you some quick ways to make money and get to the higher level content and ships. Join the Imperial Navy, they have the coolest ships. My gamer tag is MajorHavoc 2049.


Don't worry about combat to start out. Just start out slow and get into delivery missions and trading to get your feet wet and get the controls down and build up your bank account.

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