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So I was working on my Game Gear game. Today was focused on the first part of getting the main game working. I had a hard time with this because when the rocket was facing down, it turned white with red lettering. As it turns out, they weren't sharing the same palette. I redesigned the rocket so it is easier to tell which direction is facing. Right now you can move the rocket left and right and make it face up or down in the center of the screen, just like in the Game Boy version I was making.

I think I'll work more on Game Gear game making than Game Boy because Game Gear is easier to program for. I am using a sort of assembly for Game Gear and C for Game Boy, and although there are some similarities, I think Game Gear can make better games. Plus they're in color. It's kind of hard to understand how Game Gear didn't crush the Game Boy. Battery life is a reason, but it shouldn't have been that much a reason, since the Game Gear had color. And Sonic. I guess it's the whole Sonic vs. Mario debate.

So I have to put some more colors in the palette for the ufos, which should be fairly easy to change the rocket so it has the same colors in an unseen area below it. This is the in-game shot. It still has the title screen graphics up because I haven't worked on the in-game graphics yet.

What's next is making a new background for the in-game screen and getting a missile drawn and fireable.

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