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5200 2-port came in, power supply issues out of the box, who can repair it?


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Well, my 2-port 5200 came in, and besides a gouged silver bezel and a minor scuff in the front of it, she appeared to be fine......


.....until I hooked it up.


I have 4 power supply units for it, as I have a few old 4-port units (including my first one I got for my 17th birthday back in 1983!) I bought for what came with them years ago, and they all work with all the 4-port units, including my current a/v-modded unit I bought that is current;y in use.


Upon hooking up the 2-port 5200 and trying to power it on, the power switch did not work, I tried all 4 power units, and sometimes the red LED will light up, but it will not willingly turn on and off a button's push. Sometimes it's off all the time, or on all the time.


Now I bought this unit so I can use the 2600 adapter I also bought for it which will come in early next week, and I am very disappointed because the listing and pics all depict that it works fine.


I just wonder if any of you would know somewhere that still repairs and works on vintage 5200 units, because as for now, I have to put up with hooking up both the a/v-modded 5200 and the 2600 Jr. as separate units (5200 in a/v, 2600 in channel 3 RF), and that really sucks. If I can I would love to get it fixed so I can have a great all-in-one unit.

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