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Is there/was there a higher resolution arcade emulator?


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I keep going back to the earlier days of emulation and remembering a fork where some folks were either hacking arcade roms or replacing sprites to run with a specific emulator. If I remember correct, it ran pacman, donkey kong, galaga, and a few others. The intent was to run classic games in high resolution without the classic jaggy sprites. Weird premise, but something was attractive about playing the arcade roms in high resolution.


Does anybody remember what that was or know of a similar current project? I haven't seen anything about it anywhere in a long time.

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You're probably thinking of Emu-DX done by Mike DX which added nicer graphics to the original arcade gameplay. It was a work in progress and yeah I thought it was pretty cool. I believe he lost all his files in a hard drive crash though and the project was more or less abandoned.



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