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Any Gold this year here on Winter Games?


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I finally opened the box to this game and played (tried to) it. Man, this game sucks. I cannot figure out the ski jump or the bobsled. I watched a Youtube video of the game play; that dude couldn't figure it out either. What a turkey. Thanks for nothing.

I never played the 7800 version, but spent a lot of time with all the Games series on c64. Are they significantly different on the 7800? They played great on the c64 as I remember, but it's been a long time.

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Most people from that time period were familiar with & played the computer versions. But I was still into the 7800 when I got this game, and I played the heck out of it. (I was a big fan of 2600 Decathlon, so that helped my interest) It's not bad. It's a pretty good version of the game.

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