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Will you use bB, SpiceC, or both?

Random Terrain

Will you use bB, Spice C, or both?  

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  1. 1. Will you use bB, Spice C, or both?

    • I'm only going to use batari Basic.
    • I'm switching to SpiceC.
    • I'll use batari Basic and SpiceC.
    • I only use assembly language.
    • I only use batari Basic and assembly language.
    • I just hack the graphics of classic games, so I don't care.
    • I beg or pay others to make games for me. I don't care what they use.
    • I only play games. I don't care what is used. Just make me more games to play!

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Minor note, I've decided to stylize it as SpiceC (no space) so that in the future it'll be easier to search for info about it. A search on AA for Spice C returns 833 hits for me, which is the exact same as for Spice so the lone C is being ignored during a search. A search for SpiceC returns just a few hits.

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Hi!! i`m learning assembler but just for curiosity, can somebody give me an URL to Spice c or SpiceC?


wanna read what is all this about. ty




It doesn't exist yet, but SpiceWare is posting updates to his blog under a SpiceC category as he goes along:



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