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Rob G. Wic's Colorful Adventure


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So I have come up with a homebrew Odyssey 2 game that will use a board game with it. It is called Rob G. Wic's Colorful Adventure. It's like Candy Cane Lane meets Mario Party. The board game part I'm imagining a circle with all 7 colors on it thrice. One set of colors will have a symbol on it. The video game part is this: Player "rolls" the virtual dice to see what color comes up. Then a little minigame comes up pertaining to the color that got chosen. Whoever wins the minigame will get to move their little token to the next color on the board. If the player lands on a colored space with a symbol on it, he gets a card with that color on it. The player who gets all 7 cards first wins. So I've been programming the rolling part of the game. I was originally going to call it Roy G. Biv's colorful adventure, but the Odyssey 2 color set doesn't have indigo or yellow, so I changed the mnemonic to Rob G. Wic (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Indigo, Cyan). Indigo has turned out to be more of a pink color. but Rob G. Wpc won't work. So anyway to stop the roller and see what color you get, press the left player's fire button. Then when the game is completed, after that, a little minigame will come up. But for now, to have player 0 roll again, just press reset (F5 on O2EM.) What do you think of this idea?


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