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3D Construction Kit on s copy of a an original

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I have a copy of the 3D Construction Kit on a 720 K floppy, it works ok. Anyone want it ??? I am not interested in it, but can mail it in a mailer anywhere... also have about 600 to 800 Atari ST disks , some work , some don't. Does anyone know of a reliable way of restoring these disks , (I may be able to get my hands on another 600 originals this week). Russ


Let you all know after testing them if any of the 800 work OK ................



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I have already put a few to .ST format, but I want to recover many of them, I actually can get over 1000 of them (new ones) about 150 oyut of 800 are bad, if you have a way of recovering them I will send them all to you ............... there are also many that work but I will have to make a list then send you the ones that you want............I will be taking them all home tonight from my friend's place, and I will be quite active here.... have a look at my mega site it has many Atari files , I am considering upping it to 8 TB 16 TB transfers just for retro files, the AtariST.rar file is 2.5 gigs in size mosty .ST files..... Russ

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