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Decent third party power supplies (links)

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So all of my consoles have the original power supply, but I like having alternitves just in case. Now if you go through the threads on here, you'll get the typical answers (use and NES AC adapter, etc) but I like having something dedicated!


(By the way, some of the new NES AC adapters only do 300ma, seems low, no?)


Here are some good quality AC to AC adapters for the intellivison 2 and ECS. They don't match up perfectly 1:1 but they are damn close!


Once again, there are many alternatives, like getting an oem NES Supply, but these are nice (prime too for Amazon members)


So here are just some of my favorites!:




Intellivision 2:

PHC AC-1611A 16 VAC 1.25 Amp Transformer, 20VA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm Barrel Plug






PHC AC-091B 9 VAC 1.11 Amp Transformer, 9VA, 2.5mm x 5.5mm Barrel Plug



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