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Xbox One Turok Dinosaur Hunter vs. Nintendo 64


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The original was always a favorite of mine. In fact it was like the 3rd N64 game I owned (After Mario 64 and Mortal Kombat) I've tried to go back and play my N64 but damn is that controller hard to get used to. Glad to see they have updated for a modern controller. Do the cheat codes still work in the new version? Seems to me you used to be able to get all weapons with unlimited ammo back in the day. Made the game a lot easier!

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I had this for PC in the early 2000's and loved it. Wasn't until after that I got the N64 version, which had more fog and lower resolution, and appreciated the PC version more. I got the updated one for PC awhile ago since it came with a level editor, which I need to learn how to use. Somehow I hope someone remakes the third one because it had terrible frame rates.

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