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Been on a handheld gaming kick lately. Played some Go Sudoku on my PSP, I have an offer pending on a game.com kit that allowED you to go on the internet, and I changed the name of my Game Boy game I've been working on called Ten Pest to MidSpace. You're in the middle of space. And the screen. I added some stuff to it. I'll need to make a new webpage since I changed the name of the game, though. It was easy to get the new title screen up.

I have been sleeping all day and being awake all night. Right now it's 12:15am and I'm sitting here typing instead of sleeping. I gave up on the Jaguar game I tried making, the Oranges port. I got some oranges on the screen but they were 24-bit not 8-bit and seems like a waste since they were only 208 colors. So I gave up on it. I had some Lean Cuisine sesame chicken TV dinner. It was goooood. Except for the green beans. I HATE green beans. But oh well, I just didn't eat them.

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