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Odyssey 2 Troubleshooting Help

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Hello all!


Last year at the Midwest Gaming Classic, I bought my first O2. When I hooked it up, the left controller would not move left.

Today, I finally got around to opening it up, and swapping the controllers. When I fired it back up, the right joystick (now moved to the left), would not function at all.

The pins are properly seated, the former left joystick is plugged into the right (thinking perhaps you need two joysticks connected to get it to work).


Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • Did the controller in the original RIGHT position work well in that original RIGHT position?

What does the stick that was originally on the LEFT do in the RIGHT position?

If you put the RIGHT stick back in it's original RIGHT position, does it work at all?

Are you sure you are plugging the connectors in correctly (internal, right?)?

Which game are you using? Some games use one controller or the other exclusively (LEFT or RIGHT and NOT BOTH). Look up which games support (require) each controller and try both controllers with games that support (require) them. Don't be like my friend and remove the gas tank on your truck to replace the gas pump and then realize the tank was just out of gas in the first place! Doh!!!

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The O2 uses simple normally open switches for the directions and fire buttons. When you opened it up, each controller used 6 wires.









Disconnect the joystick and using an ohm meter measure the resistance between a colored wire and the black wire. When you move the stick in the correct direction you will see the resistance drop down from infinity. For example test red to black and the resistance will drop every time you move the stick up. I suspect you may have a bad cable. If the sticks work, then you can carefully jump the corresponding pins on the board to see if the game reacts properly (jumper the pin that connects to red to the pin that goes to black and the on screen movement should be up). Hopefully the problem is in the controller.


You don't need 2 joysticks connected to work. The console cant even tell a joystick is connected until the stick is moved or fire is pressed.

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