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Mother Ship / Boss levels added


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I received a bit more feedback about Alien Attack. Needed more depth for replayability / fun .

I added a mother ship in the background , and now there is a mothership boss battles at levels 6, 12, and 18 (final) .

Also some other features.

I hope this has added the needed elements to make it truly a good game. The using the shield (joy stick down) is useful for making it to higher levels.

I have used all but 11 bytes of the 4K ROM !

Video shows boss battle


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Alright, I'm sure everyone is sick of me , but this last feature has to be the key to making this awesome!

I added a galaga like multiple ship option for easier blasting.

P0 difficulty toggles between single or multiple canon options. Canon is lost with each hit.

Think it makes it more fun and bit easier. Give this one a chance ! ;-)



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