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Scavenger Hunt by Amiga - could've been reworked Sneak 'n Peek?


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I was looking at the Atarimania website and the entry for Scavenger Hunt - http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-scavenger-hunt_22403.html


The ad, with the exception of Scavenger Hunt, show all U.S. Games carts, Name This Game being retitled Galleon's Gold. This makes me wonder if Scavenger Hunt was going to be a reworked Sneak 'n Peek game. The pic shows outside the house which could be a modified picture of the Sneak 'n Peek opening screen.


Probably would have made it better than the original. Any thoughts?



Best regards,


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Don't think so.

All the other U.S. Games re-releases from Amiga were unaltered.

The description of the game also says something different:


“The perfect game for kids of all ages – from 6 to 60. The object is to locate each of the items the computer asks you to find. A comb. An iron. A telephone. Or just about anything else. Just as easy as you remember it, right? Well, does ‘Beware of Dog’ sound familiar? How about, ‘you’d better be home before dark’? It’ll be just like ‘old times’…”


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