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Z80 info

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Very cool interview.



"I wanted to combine the best of the 8080 I wanted it to be machine-core compatible with the 8080. And add a lot of the functions that were on the 6800, which at that time I considered a very, very nice microprocessor."


"the Z80 had about twice as many transistors as the 8080"


"The entire Zilog in those days had 11 people."



Some of my favorite arcade games use Z80s extensively: TRON, Discs of TRON, Mr. Do, Donkey Kong Jr., Ms. Pac-Man, Tac/Scan, Frogger, Omega Race, Space Fury, Time Pilot, Turbo, Scramble, Frenzy, Bosconian (not to mention all the home systems that used it as well).

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CP/M pretty much lived only on Z80-based systems as well. Expansion cards for other systems that provided CP/M to those platforms included a built-in Z80 chip, essentially placing two different computers in one box.


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