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PSN Download Question


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I have a PSN download question. If you have digital games, can you only download them to one playstation, or will the store let you download them to two different PS3's in one house? Anyone know?


I figured I'd ask before I try it and screw anything up with my account.

You can have up to 2 PS3s in your account, so you can have games on both of them. If you had some PS3 that are activated, but dead, you need to deactivate them first from the PSN website.

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Does anyone have or downloaded the first three Crash Bandicoot Playstion games on the PS3? How are they good or bad? How do they control? D-pad or analog stick? Anyone know about any of the other Crash games? Good? Bad? Any input will be helpful. Thanks in advance!


PS3 controller acts like an original Dualshock. You use the PlayStation button menu to change it between digital and analog. If you change to digital, I believe that enables the use of the analog sticks in place of the d-pads.


It's been a while, but I can check on a random game tonight. I don't have any of the Crash games, but I do have Spyro and that should more or less reveal this.


EDIT - Okay I realize now you specified people who have Crash. I might, so I'll check either way.

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