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Atari 520st video issue

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I just bought a 520st (one of the models with Video Modulator).

I hooked it up to a TV via RF cable and got a screen that looks like the attached image

I also hooked up pin 2 and 13 via an RCA and got a similar image.


What are the chances that the un-modulated output will work (to a VGA monitor that can support 15khz). I do have a Dell 2001fp that should work, I would just need to invest about $40 in a cable.


Any ideas what might be wrong with my 520st?




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Thanks. Do you typically use a "chip puller" tool to reseat chips?


You can... Or you can carefully pop them out with a small screwdriver or similar. Automotive fuse pullers may also work depending on the ICs involved.


Sometimes just opening it up, pushing down on them with your thumb without removing them, and seeing what happens is all that may be required.

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