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Bubsy:Kitt'N Kaboodle for Jaguar... kinda... (A Virtual VCS Hack)


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So tinkering with Space Battle on the Intellivision (hacking to a more Battlestar Galactica intro screen), I learned that as long as you keep the size of the rom the same, only substituting existing bits, the rom has a good chance of "working", or not outright failing.


So what if you replaced the 4096 bytes of Combat or Pac-Man with 4096 bytes of Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle?


Well, the answer is... it works as good as VirtualVCS works. :P




So for the first selection I have the Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle rom (replacing Combat I believe...)




For the second selection I have the Bubsy: Holiday Special rom (replacing Pac-Man). Both Bubsy games are hacks I did of Fast Eddie.




Shame the hit detection is not working. Wondered if Atari 2600 games could somehow be hacked around that limitation to work otherwise? Make an alternate hit detection? Just amazed that the characters move fairly smoothly, seems like it was fairly close.


BTW, some have wondered about Pitfall and the 2600 game in it. Maybe someone finally answered this over this years but let me say, I tried the above trick with trying to locate the hex values of 2600 pitfall to do a similar cut and paste and... NOPE. Whatever they have in the Jaguar Pitfall code is not the standard Atari 2600 Pitfall rom.


But if you want to see your favorite 4K (4096 bytes) Atari 2600 game on the Jaguar screen, the cut and paste will work on Virtual VCS.




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