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Loads of games for sale from Australia Mail me for List


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yeah, maybe you should just update the one post, instead of posting your games just everywhere.


or put a link to your games in your attachment, and take it out again when they're gone.


so you can post interesting stuff while offering your games anyway.

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i feel like im attacked by the killer spams. the faster you run the faster the posts start chaseing you. ( not bad for a game huh ) and right before the Spams you SPAMGAURD STAN strikes them dead. oh the posts if you post on 1 board like this they will come you post on 5 6 7 boards people will bang there heads in the wall and passout . somethign to keep inmind



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the s-files ..... interesting .... does that guy have anything to say at all ???


as this is a message board and not a selling board, i wouldn't even worried if he gets kicked off the board.


and i thought i have to be ashamed for actualising my one post about 4 times ...




[ 01-07-2002: Message edited by: jahfish ]

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