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Best online vendor for electronic components?


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Just wanted to check in with you guys to see if there were any recommendations for an online vendor for purchasing electronic components.


I have been installing prefabricated AV mods in my 2600's/ 7800's for about a year now. I also do work for a local Retro Game Shop. The mods I've been purchasing work well but I'm wanting to save a little money by putting my own together. Also I just enjoy the challenge.


I've been looking at Amazon mainly for the shipping because I have a Prime Membership. I'd like to find a single supplier where I could order everything at once and keep the shipping cost down.


Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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Mousse has been my main go to lately they take paypal and offer economy postage which is not stupid cheap but average (i think its like 5 bucks for a lb)


Digikry is of course good as well, jameco is offering a free shipping club but it costs money to join and their selection is limited and their site is nearly impossible to navigate

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Not sure how I feel about buying electronic parts off Amazon. I prefer to buy them from a reputable dealer who I know is not getting counterfeit or sub par components.


I use Mouser or digikey, depending on who has what I need. I think at both places basic shipping with tracking is only $7 or $8. I think Mouser also offers a $5 slower shipping without tracking.


To me, its worth the cost of shipping for the piece of mind knowing what you are getting. Each provides links to data sheets for each part so you know exactly what you are getting. Plus the selection is far greater than what you'll find on Amazon. Just batch up your orders as much as possible and the shipping isnt that bad.

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