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2600 Jr Repair Advice

Just Jeff

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Good Morning,


I've had this broken 2600 Jr sitting around here for a while and figured its about time to see if I can get it back up and running. Basically, when I turn it on, the red LED lights up and that's it. When I bought it abut 6 years ago, it wasn't working, but a little clean up with alcohol and sandpaper did get it running. I then attempted a composite mod shown here: http://atariage.com/howto/composite.html and it promptly stopped working again.


Does anybody have any troubleshooting advice? Also, here's a close up of the area where I attempted the mod, then removed it. Note I'm not very good at soldering. One other detail, when I press down on the power switch, the LED will sometimes dim or even go out.



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I tested some voltages and got numbers that look strange to me. On the back of that power switch I got 13.1 on the one that comes from the power supply and then I got 3.2 on the other 2, then 4 on those when I went back to double check. Are they right? I would expect 9 from the power supply and maybe 5 for the other two.(marked up pic attached)


Top yellow arrow is the power supply, bottom yellow arrow is what I think is a ground, red circle is the power switch with voltages.


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yes that is ground


the switch should be passing whatever the power supply is passing though it, with those old transformer types it could be up to 15 volts on a 9 volt transformer (cause it wont fall into regulation until a percentage of its rated load is reached) so 13 is fine


where I am confused is 13 is going into the switch but only 3 is coming out while its turned on? it should just be passing all the voltage though it to the voltage regulator


now if its on and the input voltage drops that low, you probably have a short to ground, if it doesnt you might have a bunk switch (and sandpaper is never a good idea on contacts)

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