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DVDO iScan Duo doesn't seem to work

The Rook

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I just bought a used DVDO iScan Duo on eBay and it arrived Monday. I planned on connecting 2 consoles that use component (PS2 and my CMVS) and all of my HDMI modded consoles to it for convenience. Tried it out for the first time yesterday and I can't seem to get it to work. It has a red light and just says "iScan Duo DVDO" on the front screen. None of the buttons on the front of the device do anything. It didn't come with a remote so I programmed my Logitech Harmony remote for the DVDO iScan Duo and that doesn't seem to do anything either. I connected several devices to multiple HDMI ports and nothing. I found online how to do a factory reset by pressing the power, menu, and enter buttons at the same time for several seconds. That did kick it into factory reset but it just froze on that and never seems to have finished.


Does anyone have any experience with the DVDO iScan Duo or any information that could help? I paid over $200 for it and if I can't get it to work soon, I'm going to have to return it.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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