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Alien Attack (4K) Final Cartridge Version !


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Posted Yesterday, 9:41 PM

A small run of carts will be available from Good Deal Games Homebrew Heaven !

It will be available at Midwest Gaming Classic in April, and then for sale on their website afterwards.

I do hope that some folks will want to purchase one even though I have made the ROM available.


Final improvements as follows:


Default option is multiple shooter ( P0 diff B) with more challenging option of single shooter . I also lightened the enemy colors so that they are easier to see on CRT TV.


The final boss ship shoots two lasers as the other 2 shoot only 1.



The shield now drains 5 power units and cannot be activated if there are fewer than 5 time units remaning.


The outside batteries are larger and are hit more often.











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After final testing , playing many times, I caught a bug . The bug is now fixed in the attached ROM.

The bug is hard to catch I suppose (no one on AA has told me they noticed it yet), but once noticed it is somewhat important. I assume it is in the version posted above, but I have gone through so many versions it is hard to keep track. Lesson learned : proper version control!.


Bug was caused by 3 stray lines of code from a half -started idea which I forgot to delete, and it only manifested itself in one particular location on the screen. But anyway it is fixed now . The version below is the cartridge version that will be sold at http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html ,starting next week I believe. There will be about 10 available at the Midwest Gaming Classic I hope ( due to the late timing of finishing it), and I think they are doing 25 total . Plus there are some carts of the previous version with the aforementioned bug which will be sold at a discount ( I offered to buy these off their hands but they said sometimes people will buy games with bugs as a "rarity" ). I think both versions might end up a rarity ! :)



Game Instructions are in original post above.




Anyway , I hope a few people can enjoy it and keep me from having to buy them all myself so that is say "sold out"! Again super thanks for so much help and support, and to resources like SpiceWare's Collect tutorial , Random Terrain , etc.



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We'll be featuring Alien Attack LIVE on today's ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 6PM PT/9PM ET! We're also featuring the sequel Alien Revenge by easmith as well!

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.t...ropagehomebrew/

Other Games Today:

- Alien Revenge (2018) by Edward Smith (easmith)
- Monkey King (FINAL) (2018) by Alex Pietrow (coolcrab)
- Zippy The Porcupine by (2015) by Chris Spry (Sprybug)



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Here is a tip for anyone that finds it hard to defeat the mother ships.

The mother ship shots usually (but not always) follow the player. So a "stick and move" strategy works best: move to the middle and hit the mothership, then move to the right or left. The enemy laser will follow you and will miss your middle battery base. Repeat.


Also, remember the shield can be used by pulling down on stick . If you find you are beating the game too easily try difficulty A.




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