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Ketec Command Center for 128 with foil tape inside?


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I seems that way. The 1571s inside are covered with it, too. But moreover with the monitor sitting on top the fan interferes with the monitor. I am guessing this is not the original fan since it does this and since the fan is connected to the power via butt splices. Oh, and woah-oh my good lord -- this thing it just an electrocution waiting to happen! Neat design at the time, but holy crap crackers.


Anyway, I spent some time cleaning it up tonight. The 128 is in beautiful condition -- the case still feels textured and I am pretty certain it was never opened before. The keyboard is yellowed a bit. Sadly the 1571s will not read disks. Anyway, I am going to put the whole system for sale as-is. I do not have time right now to clean it up and I would rather have the space and whatever money I can get for it.

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