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While working on Chris's Casino for Virtual Boy, it occurred to me that I think INTV was the only console back then with a roulette game. But it didn't have a slot machine game. So I'm looking to expand the Las Vegas game line with Las Vegas Slot Machine. I don't think the "Las Vegas" name is trademarked. And since there seems to be no TM next to the "Las Vegas" icon, I'm guessing I'm free to use it as well?

So I am stopping work on the unusually hard VB casino game to work on this INTV casino game. I don't know why casino games have been on my mind lately. Especially since I don't think losing money and getting nothing in return is all that fun. But I do like the concept of casino video games since all you're losing is the money you use to buy the video game. Then you can play it to your heart's content (no pun intended) without losing more money.

I had a few 47 sightings recently. I was watching the news and president Trump mentioned the odd figure of $1.47. Also, I got a spam e-mail saying the visitors to my site was up 47%. So that was fun. But I was so angry last night because I wasn't getting the BEHIND function in INTYBasic working. Then I remembered about the Intv Workshop website. I thought "Perhaps it could help me." And it did.

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