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Altirra 3.00 Disk Image Issue


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Hi folks!


I decided to try using Altirra today but I'm not having much luck.


It seems that most of my XFD files are not being correctly read by Altirra. When I go into DOS 2.5 and do an "A" to list the contents of the disk I get nothing but either 999+FREE SECTORS or 000 FREE SECTORS. I know the virtual disks are good because they list properly in XFormer 2000.


The one thing I notice is that the virtual disks that read ok are 90K in size. The ones I have issues with are 91K or 131K.


Is there some incompatibility going on here? Anything I can do about this? I think I vaguely remember some issue about XFD files in the past but I cannot remember.



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Your XFD files that have issues are probably actually ATRs. XFD images don't have any identifying headers, so currently Altirra assumes that if you actually name the file .XFD that it uses this format. Unfortunately some .ATR files are actually XFD as well so it's a mess. :(

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Wow! It looks like you are right! I renamed some of the problem files to .ATR and they now show files in DOS 2.5 under Altirra. I guess whoever created these files for me in the past mislabeled them. That was like 20 years ago and they've been wrong the whole time. LOL. Thanks! This saved me a ton of time creating new .ATR files and duplicating the disks over from the ".XFD" files.

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