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Understand Missile Objects


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So I'm currently testing games on a Atari 2600 emulator on the Atari Jaguar and I believe I have narrowed one of the problems it currently has is the display of the missile objects which I believe is M0 and M1? There are quite a games where the missiles are not displaying like on Space Chase, Beat em and Eat em, Astro Swarm, Space Raid, and so forth.


However, the missiles can be seen on Gorf and Astroblast.


So I was curious how the missiles in these two categories of games differed. Why does one work and other does not?


Also trying to figure out the disassembly screen in Stella. I see where you can have images displayed on frames that you can step through. How do you pinpoint the missile object and trace it's actions back to what defines it, such as color of the missile object?







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