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Astrocade Recap/ removing bottom metal sheet


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Hi everyone. I got my hands on a working Astrocade today, but would like to help it survive for as long as possible. I have new caps and power regulators ready to install, but I'm wondering if once the metal sheet on the bottom of the board is removed can it be tossed along with the metal shield that covered the top of the motherboard? I notice it looks like the RF is grounded to it, so I'm thinking it stays, but just wondering. Thanks a lot! Mike

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As far as RF shielding - I always keep all of the shielding in place on my vintage systems when possible. I think I made an exception when I installed a Hi-Def NES once. I have also been known to cut the RF shields to make space for heat sinks in an Astrocade, etc. I have also seen systems greatly negatively impacted by removing the RF shields. I noticed this while tuning the output RF of an APF MP1000 recently. When the shield was not present the RF to the TV was severely degraded. This was true on two units I worked on so it must be a design issue. I guess that is why they put it in there! LOL That being said, while testing the RF of Fairchild Channel F systems and Astrocades I do not recall severely impacted RF output when the shield was missing. You mileage may vary.

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